My Driver LLC- Operating in the DC Metro Area

My Diver, LLC  due to Covid this business is permanently closed


Eileen Ward Principal My Driver LLCI have my PSC permit #4936  and my WMATC permit #2344, that means I can operate primarily in Maryland but also in the dc metro area and all airports/transportation hubs.  It also means I have passed an extensive background check and carry a significant amount of insurance!  My vehicle is considered a luxury vehicle so I do not have any markings on it.  It is a Black 2006 Mercury Mountaineer AWD SUV and by PSC rule is inspected every year (latest one was in March 2014).

I have booster seats and a car seat for family transportation.  I can operate in a 300 mile radius of Brunswick, MD

I base my prices on looking at the US taxi fare guide and usually come in $20-$50 less.

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